Ananya Banerjee, PhD


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Recent Publications

Banerjee, A., Cai, S., Xie, G., Li, N., Bai, X., Lavudi, K., Wang, K., Zhang, X., Zhang, J., Patnaik, S., Backes, FJ., Bennett, C., Wang, QE. (2022). A Novel Estrogen Receptor b Agonist Diminishes Ovarian Cancer Stem cells via Suppressing the Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition. Cancers, 14(9), 2311.

Lavudi, K., Banerjee, A., Li, N., Cai, S., Bai, X., Zhang, X., Yang, Y., Li, A., Wani, E., Y, SM., Zhang, J., Backes, F., Patnaik, S., Wang,QE. (2023). ALDH1A1 promotes PARP inhibitor resistance by enhancing retinoic acid receptor-mediated DNA polymerase q expression. NPJ Precis. Oncol, 66(7).

Srivastava, AK. *, Banerjee, A.*, Cui, T.*, Han, C., Cai, S., Liu, L., Wu, D., Cui, R., Li, Z., Zhang, X., Xie, G., Selvendiran, K., Patnaik, S., Karpf, AR., Liu, J., Cohn, DE., Wang, QE. (2019). Inhibition of miR-328-3p impairs cancer stem cell function and prevents metastasis in ovarian cancer. Cancer Research, 79(9), 2314-2326. *: co-first author.

Wu, D., Banerjee, A., Cai, S., Li, Na., Han, C., Bai, X., Zhang, J., Wang, QE. (2021). Determination of DNA lesion bypass using a ChIP based assay. DNA Repair, 108 (2021) 103230.

 Surve, C., Banerjee, A., Chakraborty, R., Kumar, D., Butti, R., Gorain, M., Parida, S., Kundu, GC., Shidhaye, S., Patnaik, S. (2022). Antiproliferative and apoptotic potential of methotrexate lipid nanoparticle in murine breast cancer model. Nanomedicine, 17(11).