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Congrats to the inaugural group of #RogelScholars, the first initiative funded by Rich and Susan Rogel’s generous gift to our cancer center! The support gives researchers new freedom to take risks & develop innovative approaches to take on #cancer.

Dr. Merajver was chosen to be in the inaugural class of Rogel Scholars awarded by the Rogel Cancer Center! This award will allow for the study of molecular targets in cancer that leads to particularly aggressive behavior. We are honored to be included amongst the inaugural class! ​

Dr. Ryan Oliver led a massive effort to develop a platform for determining the probability that a tumor contains cells that have the potential to metastasize to the brain. This work has been published in Lab on a Chip. Congrats to all!

​American Association for Cancer Researchers Annual Meeting 2019 - April 2019 - Atlanta, Georgia

The Merajver lab attended the 2019 AACR Annual Meeting, sharing four posters showing progress on our projects! In addition, Dr. Andrew Little was invited to give a mini-symposium talk about his work!

Trisha Westerhof presented her work at the Rogel Cancer Center Spring Symposium.

Dr. Nate Merrill and Dr. Andrew Little presented their research to the Breast Cancer Advisory and Advocacy Group at the Rogel Cancer Center. Thanks, Nate and Andrew, for sharing our work!

Steve Allen, MD, PhD graduated on May 12, 2018 after completing both the PhD requirements in Dr. Merajver's ​lab as well as completing the MD requirements through the U-M Medical School. Congratulations, Steve!

American Association for Cancer Researchers Annual Meeting 2018 - April 2018 - Chicago, Illinois

The Merajver lab had a wonderful experience at the 2018 AACR Annual Meeting, sharing nine different posters across our projects! See below for selected video presentations from the poster floor courtesy of the Rogel Cancer Center media team!

Liu and Merajver Labs publish in Journal of Cell Science

In collaboration with Dr. Allen Liu's lab at Michigan Engineering, Dr. Joel Yates and the Merajver Lab have published a paper in the Journal of Cell Science highlighting PTEN-related signaling through clathrin-coated pits. The research was aslo featured in a press release by the Michigan Health Lab.